Skippered Yacht Charters Malta

Skippered Yacht Charters Malta. This type of yacht charters are the ideal starting point for anyone who has no experience with sailing boats. Moreover if you do not have the required sea license to steer such a vessel, than you must definitely hire a skipper to sail your boat. The good thing on such a charter is that you can just be on full relaxation mode.

Typically on any Yacht Charters in Malta, the charter company will provide you with a skipper. He will have the responsibility to steer the boat and helps you decide on the best route on the day and most importantly, keep you safe. Skippers usually boast of a vast sailing experience as well as local knowledge about the chosen sailing destination and also weather conditions and what to expect. If you are interested in sailing, a good skipper will also give tips and tricks of how to steer the boat and how and when to open sails. Even though skippers are usually able to do the job alone, clients can give skippers a hand whenever it might be needed. Local skippers are also ideal as they are able to act as a tourist guide with historic details of the locations.

However even though clients have a right to demand their day charter to be in certain locations and routes, the skipper is the person who takes responsibility. He will take the final decision about route planning. This is mostly because of weather predictions and wave formations apart from local AFM enforcement rules and maritime laws. A skipper’s main aim is to keep clients happy but to bring them back in safety and on time.

Sailing with a skipper brings along many benefits and it’s best no to overdo it with demands. Everyone has their limits, they are not servant but a trusted person with responsibility.

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