Here is a quick list of the Top 10 Sailing Spots in Malta which you should definitely tick off your bucket list.

  1. Comino’s Blue Lagoon
    Icon blue waters and landmark location. A must see!

  2. Comino’s Crystal Lagoon
    Just adjacent to Comino’s blue lagoon, this is a more peacefull and quite location with less tourists. Amazing views and brilliant location to spend the day in.

  3. Malta’s Grand Harbour
    Rich in history and culture. A location where history has been made.

  4. Malta’s St Paul’s Islands
    Sheltered from the open seas behind two small islands which are named after the country’s patron Saint.

  5. Gozo’s San Blas Bay
    Off from the main touristic areas and with splendid views, this is one of our favorite spots for summer.

  6. Gozo’s Halfa Rock
    Ideal spot for sheltering when unfavorable winds arise. Just outside the Gozitian harbour and with crystal clear waters.

  7. Comino’s St Maria Caves
    Ideal spot for divers and snorkeling. One can also visit the iconic elephant rock formation.

  8. Malta’s Hofra il-Kbira
    Which literally means the large hole, is a sheltered location just south of the Maltese harbour. Enjoying panoramic views and crystal clear waters.

  9. Malta’s Fomm ir-Rih
    Located on the north western side of the island, this location enjoys pristine waters and since its a bit secluded from the main touristic area’s, one is able to spend his day in peace.

  10. Malta’s Paradise Bay
    Located on the northern part of Malta this location is quite touristic during the main season.