What to Pack

A basic question really and truly but here is a checklist of items which we recommend to prepare and bring along with you on board? Below is a list of other important things to pack for your sailing charter holiday in Malta.

  • The Obvious Ones:
    Comfy clothes, flip/flops, beach wear, towels etc…
  • Documents
    Travelling by boat requires all the travel documents since spot checks are a common feature. Hence this means, valid passports, driver licenses or ID cards will be required. Moreover, on bareboat chartering in Malta, you will also require the original sailing license for any police checks.
  • Luggage Issues
    Always try and pack your items in soft bags which easier to store. Yachts are usually full of cupboards and shelves which make easy storage for clothes, shoes etc but a storing a hard suitcase takes too much space!
  • Foot wear:
    It is important to use good shoes. White soled, clean shoes for when you are walking on board such as deck shoes. Deck shoes are typically canvas or leather with non-marking rubber soles. These are obviously designed for use on a boat. Here’s a quick tip … Boat shoes are traditionally worn without socks. You might also want to pack some water shoes for any underwater rocks, pebbles or sea urchins whilst swimming.
  • Sun Defense The sun is our friend but also our enemy and so we need protection from harmfull UV rays. Pack a hat, sunglasses and a good sunscreen. On board a sailing boat, you will be even more exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, as they reflect on the water.
  • Weather Gear – This is mostly seasonal in Malta. During the months from October to May you will need to plan for warm clothes, even though you may not need them. Having a waterproof jacket with you is always a life saver for the case when the weather suddenly changes. Then you would have suddenly wished for more clothes such as a fleece or woollen top. This is mostly because it can get quite chilly in the evening.
  • Electronic Devices Most specifically you need to plan for your chargers & cables. The regular plugs on board are the 12V Car Usb chargers which are used when under sail. On shore power you get the standard three-pin or two-pin connectors. Our boats also allow you to connect your phones to the music system through Bluetooth.

Check out also these basic important sailing terms which you will use on deck.

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